On the Beach

Razz made the most of the sunshine this week and visited quaint Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk, the perfect setting for our summery photo shoot. Here is a sneak preview including some behind the scenes shots. Look out for the final results in our next issue… Wells-next-the-Sea and its famous beach huts Alice in her natural state of laughter Using my Grandma’s beach hut for our dressing … Continue reading On the Beach


There’s a whole new Razz team, and the first issue of the year will be printed and available in time for Freshers week in September. The theme is: Style and Drift. We’re accepting articles, short prose, and poetry. We’d also love any relevant images you have if you could send them to us or upload them to our flickr! This is your chance to get published! Photograph taken … Continue reading STYLE AND DRIFT

Thread Art

Thread art is exactly what it sounds like: art made from thread. Here are some of the best artists in the field. Sebastien Preschoux Preschoux’s works are spontaneous, simply drawing the thread out and seeing where it takes him. “The important thing is to have a tactile relationship with the material, to be able to dread the qualities and the defects” – Preschoux Preschoux collaborates with … Continue reading Thread Art

Swan Lake Through the Ages

Arguably Tchaikovsky’s most famous ballet, Swan Lake has a vast and varied history. Swan Lake was first performed in 1877, but was ill-received. Despite various attempts to salvage it, the ballet remained unpopular until Tchaikovsky’s death. Lev Ivanov choreographed a new version in his honour, it was performed in 1894, and hailed as a huge success. At this point, some changes were made to the ballet. … Continue reading Swan Lake Through the Ages

Razz Profiles: Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons is an American artist known for his sculpture work. The ‘Celebration’ series has been the work of over ten years, and is still continuing. It involves large-scale sculptures of high-chromium stainless steel with mirror finish surfaces. This creates a dramatic, yet simple aesthetic. Here are some examples: Balloon Dog – 30m high. Baroque egg with bow. Tulips. Balloon Flower – the magenta version of this … Continue reading Razz Profiles: Jeff Koons