Take a note from blog 101 Bird Tales

In need of some procrastination ideas? Get creative, get some paper and choose from the list below.

1. make a paper aeroplane
2. make a paper lantern
3. write a list of dreams/goals
4. write out a recipe
5. create a mini book
6. make your own envelope
7. create a poem
8. make a collage
9. do a water-colour
10. make a paper sculpture by ripping, tearing, folding ,scrunching, sticking
11. write an important letter
12. wrap a present
13. make a rubbing of a surface
14. write a story
15. do a drawing
16. create a paper stencil
17. cut up/shred and glue down to make a paper mosaic
16. write a song on it
18. conduct a test (cut paper into strips, colour ends in with a felt pen, and dip into water to see the pigments used)
19. roll into a tube, fasten (staple) and fill it with earth and plant a seed
20. list out all your successes/achievements
21. make a craft/dress pattern with it
22. make a paper purse/wallet/hand-bag
23. create a greetings card
24. make a paper wreath
25. make an easter/christmas/seasonal decoration
26. cut and design a paper mobile to hang up
27. design your own cartoon character
28. create/design a paper doll with clothes and accessories
29. do a doodle
30. make a paper chain
31. cut circles (and other shapes) and make a paper garland on string/thread
32. cut into postcards: design and post
33. create your own paper currency
34. design your own membership cards to a private club and give to friends
35. make an origami crane, swan, star, water bomb and so on
36. design a newsletter and photocopy
37. create a flyer/handout advertising your amazing business (and photocopy)
38. design/make a bookmark
39. create a paper butterfly, colour in and send off into the world
40. write out some ‘fortunes’, quotes or messages and leave in public places
41. scrunch and roll into a ball
42. design a map of your life/area/country/make-believe world
43. make a plate of paper food
44. design a mini flag and glue to a BBQ skewer
45. create and design a crown/hat/tiara
46. make mini garden of paper flowers
47. make a popcorn/sweet cone
48. make paper beads by stripping, rolling up and gluing together
49. create a paper box
50. design a poster
51. make a paper medal and hang on string
52. design a paper badge/brooch and tape a pin/fastener on the back
53. make a ‘print’
54. do a painting
55. make a mini paper house or castle

101 Bird Tales

If you decide to tackle any or all of these, we’d like to see them! Send them into razzmag@gmail.com.

And remember, the deadline for Issue 11, Wonder & Chaos, is this Monday (14th) so get writing if you haven’t already!

Razz love,
Anna (Co-Editor 11/12)

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