The Little Paris Kitchen




Who says size matters? Certainly not Rachel Khoo, Chef and owner of The little Paris Kitchen – the smallest restaurant in all of Paris. Khoo works from within her own apartment for her TV Series demonstrating a variety of recipes and foods that she loves. She explores the different styles of cooking in Paris exploring Vietnamese and North African food markets for their unique items.

If you’ve ever watched an episode, you’ll know that the chef works of a tiny stove, using a selection of bric a brac style instruments and dishes that often have their own story behind them. The show makes me want to start a kitchen in my own bedroom and serve it to my family and housemates!

Personally, I love baking and cooking myself, but even if you don’t, you’ll probably like watching this anyway! Cooking in her own tiny little kitchen, Rachel Khoo makes it seem like anyone can cook, regardless of where you are or what you have around you.

Even better, we can all have a go at her recipes, Khoo is a budding foodie writer as well! Her books include Barres de céréales: Museli & granola maison and Pâtes à tartiner, along with her most recent book, The Little Paris Kitchen featuring a mixture of her delicious food.

If you feel inspired, we recommend you check out her show on BBC 2.
Find out more on her website.

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