No Guts No Glory Re-Launch

For those of you that have already picked up your latest copy of Razz (Beauty & Beginnings), you will have read about the company No Guts No Glory who reside with us in Exeter. We are excited to announce that NgNg are now opening their brand new store this coming weekend and we think that those of you still in Exeter should definitely check it out! Their new store has been created using recycled materials such as reclaimed wooden  pallets.

For those of you that haven’t read our interview with NgNg, here’s a quick re-cap. NgNg are a fantastic independent clothing company working with local artists and illustrators to create their unique and amazing designs. Not only do they sell clothing but they also stock the works of various artists ranging from illustrations to mini zines.

The new store re-opening has also coincided with the Handmade Arcade Art Fair. This is a new art fair project launched by No Guts No Glory to happen on the first Saturday of every month (So if you miss this one, don’t worry!).

“Expect live music, sweet treats and modern craft that have the environment and good design at its heart. This is a different kind of craft fair, one showcasing quality and affordable goods in a friendly context”

If you go, we want to see your pics and hear you opinions – email Razz at!

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