Journalism & Hip Hop

DAN HANCOX – Politics and Hip-hop

Hip-hop, Dubstep and rap – do they still represent the voice of the outsider? The London Riots – what role did urban music play in the politics? Struggle and political equality – are these still matters at the heart of urban music? The Charts – now that urban music is pop music, is their message as strong? These are some of the topics that top Guardian journalist Dan Hancox will be speaking on in the M&D Room, February 3rd. This is a talk for anyone interested in a career in journalism or who just has an interest in music and politics.

Along with The Guardian Dan is a journalist and author who has written on music and politics for New Statesman, Five Dials, Prospect, Dazed & Confused, Frieze and others. He is a published author, his books include Kettled Youth, My Fellow Americans and Fight Back!

Tickets – Devonshire House Info point – £2.50 or reserve on
Venue – M&D Room
When – February 3rd 2012, 7.30For more information on Dan’s work and thoughts visit Exeter Music Collective on Facebook , or check out Dan’s blog .

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