Recently I watched the film, Limitless, for the first time. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the entire film and I thought I would share my thoughts for any would-be viewers, and for those that have their own opinions. For anyone that hasn’t watched it yet, I’ll make sure not to give too much away as I write.

One of the main things that I really struck me was that Bradley Cooper was playing a role far from his usual style in films like The Hangover, it is really great to see that actors such as Cooper are not just one trick poniesAs for the film itself, I thought it was a great new take on the idea of addiction. It really is a film about an addiction to capability and possibility more than anything else. It features a new drug in the form of a clear pill that enables the taker to access 100% of their brain capacity, rather than the standard 20%. As a result they have access to all their memories, all their problem solving capabilities, and gives them a greater power to absorb and use new information.

Naturally, there is always a catch, which I won’t go into too much, so as not to ruin it. However, the main character, Eddie, finds that there are also issues with this pill, alongside unforeseen circumstances which he has to deal with, aided by the pill, but also in times when he has no access to his fix. Somehow, he manages to pull through, although some instances are exceptional and one mildly disturbing, unless you particularly like the Vampire trend in entertainment.

Limitless really explores a new type of addiction, rather than a typical drug based problem surrounding the need to get high. Here, we see a need to get in full control of our surroundings and being able to exploit them. It identifies with something very popular in today’s society: the need to get successful as quickly as possible by the easiest means. Again, we are faced with the message that this is not usually possible. Even with this new and amazing clear pill, Eddie is faced with extreme issues, and it is not always clear how it will all work out. In fact, I think that the film has been well constructed with somewhat of an unusual ending, not a mind blowing twist, but something that I was not expecting.

If you have time over summer, be sure to check this out!

Anna (Co-editor 2011/2012) xxxx

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