Etsy: A treasure trove – start trawling!

Constantly, when bouncing around various artist’s websites, do you see a link to their ‘etsy’ shop – shops I’ve often appreciated without further thought until eventually it struck me…what actually is etsy!? It’s been described as a ‘crafty cross’ between ebay and amazon – a place where you can dig through vintage and handmade items (ranging from clothes to art) and buy them safely online from individual artist’s shops. I LOVE it – it’s like stumbling down an alley to find a huge thriving market of all sorts of wonderful things. Until now I have been just a browser (this requires stamina…there’s a lot of treasure to dig through – my tip, search for patterns/fabrics you like) but I think soon a purchase will have to be in order. Here are a few of my favourites pieces i’ve found on my wanders…

1. A tapestry backpack from Rusty Cuts

2. A leopard print kitten from fletcherable

3. A cute art print from lepetitelefant

4. A tie dye tote from hazelandhunter

5. A batik quilt from cometogetherquilts 

Happy browsing and keep creative

love Jess

(Co-Ed 2011-12)

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