Razz interviews with Don Broco

I interviewed Rob Damiani, vocalist and frontman of alternative rock band Don Broco back in may. Although not hot of the press, I’ve learnt a lot about the band!

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1.     How did you come to be a band? Were you all friends before?

Yeah, we’ve all been friends from school since about year 9, and started just jamming in lunch breaks and doing the odd gig. We were all in a load of different bands at school, as well as the line up we are now, but were totally rubbish!

2.     I’ve been told that you all went to university and essentially put the band on hold until you finished, how did you handle this?

Once we’d done our A-levels we went to different Unis and it was too hard to keep things up. We had the odd get-together when back at home, but it wasn’t until we graduated that we decided to start the band properly and take things seriously.

3.     Don Broco seems to be making quite an impression, touring with We Are the Ocean, playing Slam Dunk Festival as well as your own headline tour later in summer, how is life in a full time band treating you?

Its brilliant! Definitely a lot of hard work, but worth it. Touring can be both annoying and amazing, you spend a stupid amount of time travelling and setting up, but playing the shows and partying after are what make it all worthwhile. Getting to play the festivals is definitely our favourite thing about being in a band and this summer we’re doing Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Slam Dunk, Download, Sonisphere and Hevy Fest so we can’t wait!

4.     What does the band name mean? Where did it come from?

(Laughs) In the past we’ve come up with one or two interesting and exotic full blown lies, as the true story is pretty boring to be honest! Basically, when we first started the band we had some songs written and gigs coming up, though still couldn’t find a band name that we all liked. We were stressing about it a bit as it was a week left before our first show, when Simon (guitarist) got ruthlessly slide tackled during a game of 5-a-side and broke his wrist. We were all pretty gutted as we had to cancel the shows and put everything on hold until he was allowed to take his cast off. Now this is where it gets really lame…. one of the names we quite liked the sound of that our mate came up with, was ‘Don Loco’ though it was quickly dismissed, as on googling it we discovered there was a German rapper already using it. On one very slow day at work we were writing on Simon’s cast and literally as just something to say, I piped up with ‘Don Bro-co’, as in his bro-ken wrist. Shit I know, but we decided to use it!

5.     After your tours and shows this year what are the next big plans for Don Broco?

We’re going to get writing and demoing our debut album! Very excited!

6.     What advice would you give to aspiring bands trying to get themselves into the industry?

Be patient and get your very best songs written and demoed/recorded before you launch yourselves (we didn’t do this but wished we had!). Do everything yourself and make sure you do it properly, go to other bands gigs, make the effort with people, rock really hard, basically make a name for yourself off your own back and then people will start taking notice.

7. Finally, what would you do if a stranger asked you to razz their berries?

I’d probably do that thing where you blow/vibrate your lips on someone’s stomach and it makes a funny noise. Though I’d do it on their balls.

Make sure you check out Don Broco on myspace and check out their single ‘Beautiful Morning’!

Anna xxx

(Co-editor 2011/12)

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