Sun is shining, weather is tweet.

So summer is finally here and the weather seems to be picking up. The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting and they’re not the only ones.


Are you on twitter?

I’ve often heard Twitter compared to a stripped down Facebook – all you post is status updates of 140 characters. But those 140 characters can be so much more than ‘eating cereal, lol’. They can be used to start huge online debate, have a digital brush with a celeb or even begin a rebellion – Twitter has revolutionised modern communication.

But the communication is unrelenting as  the speed we receive information accelerates  to a breakneck pace. Looking away from your computer only to turn back and see the taunting blue box ’27 new tweets’ is a constant occurrence. And of course being left behind is not an option if you want to remain  ‘in the know’ –  you don’t want to be paddling in the shallows as the crest of a new trend breaks; watching everyone else  ride the wave is no fun at all.

However twitter doesn’t just have to be a daunting influx of what’s coming and going in the world –  tailor it to what you enjoy and it can mean having greater insight into your favourite artists, celebrities, causes, writers (and a whole load more). Suddenly you know when that play you love is coming to town or that gallery exhibit opens, or where that comedian is signing autographs and having a cheeky pint after the gig.

You can also grow your interests on twitter, as it recommends you ‘follow’ things similar or relevant to what you’re already reading. Who knows… you might stumble across your new favourite author or magazine (hint hint…we’re on twitter @razzmag).



  •  Use 140 characters to say what you want
  • You ‘follow’ people or companies you might like – be it heinz, Kate Moss or the guardian
  • ‘Trends’ are things or phrases that are constantly being mentioned or discussed – you can change the trends you see by region (i.e. UK – London)
  • Your twitter name is @something – to address someone else you type  @theirname + the message (much like Facebook)
  • A hashtag – # can be something which is trending or something general you think has already been mentioned (or you can start your own!) i.e. #iloverazz or #exeter
  • A retweet is when you want to share what someone you follow has said with your followers – so you simply retweet it to them.



 For laughs






 For arts






 For news




  Razz Committee 


@JessicaAWeeks (Jess)

@cmishmaelblog (Anna)

@cyanturan (Cyan)

@xantonialouisax (Antonia)

@GregoryHoare (Greg)

@sophiechristoph (Sophie)

 For more of who to follow – find someone similar to you, look at who they follow and cherry pick who you’d like! Almost all major companies, publications and celebrities have a twitter, just search for it.

A warning, before you jump out of the nest into the twittery sky: it is dangerously addictive. After a little while it’s probably best to go outside and hear some real birds tweeting…but maybe just after reading a few more…

@therazzreaders  #keepcreative love from @JessicaAWeeks


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