Razz is reading: Sex at Oxbridge

Just because the sun doesn’t want to break away from the clouds doesn’t mean it’s going to be a heat-free summer. Those in the know discovered the anonymous blog ‘Sex at Oxbridge’ a while back but if you haven’t read it yet, there’s no time the present to get a sweat on. Read the tantalizing tales of bleak, brief encounters and longer, hazy dalliances written by a student at Oxbridge hidden behind the anonymity a blog provides – what could be more engrossing?

“As you can imagine, after downing a bottle of wine at dinner, possibly after having pre-drinks before dinner, everybody is quite tipsy and standards are lowering by the minute. The focus then shifts from drinking to pulling….”

Read about the saucy antics of a female Oxbridge student… who knows- it could inspire you in more ways than one?




( Features Sub-Editor 2011-2012)

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