Post-Exam Presents

Exams are DONE, as are results for most people (hope everyone got what they wanted!), so some much needed arty rewards are needed… here’s what’s on my wish list, just a few beautiful bits and pieces to celebrate the end of the academic year with:

1. A Grady McFerrin Notebook
Grady McFerrin is a New York based illustrator who studied art at College and now makes a whole range of wonderfully designed pieces.

See more :
Learn more:
Buy : Amazon

2. A Rob Ryan Plate
A UK artist Rob Ryan produces beautiful china and gifts that are easily recognisable for their simple beauty.

See more:
Learn more:
Buy: John Lewis

3. A No Guts No Glory T-Shirt
Support Local artists by buying a great tee from the guys over at No Guts No Glory down in McCoys Arcade (towards the bottom end of town). The company are a collaboration of local artists creating some amazing work.

See more:
Learn more:


4. A Papaya Tote bag 
Another collection of artists Papaya make all sorts of wonderful things: stationary, homeware, bags – you name it! Bold colours and delicate drawings mix to make eye catching pieces.

See more:
Learn more:
Buy: Amazon – or you can order from Papaya direct (but risk international shipping fees!)

5. A Susie Ghahremani Necklace
After studying in Rhode Island Susie now works out of San Diego making t-shirts, stationary and all sorts of stunning bits and bobs.

See more:
Learn more:
Buy: – again – you have to email to ask about international shipping, or you can buy from Etsy

Happy shopping!

Love Jess


(Co-Editor 2011-2012)

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