Arts Week Event: Our Creative Project

As most of you know the theme for our next issue will be…


Exciting right!? So along these lines we will be running a creative project for everyone to get involved in tomorrow at our Arts week event…

This project will hopefully be featured in our issue and is a great chance for everyone to get a little creative and get into the magazine!

But we know not all of you will be able to make it tomorrow so we thought we’d post the project on here as well so everyone can be involved!

So here we go…

We’d like you to draw, describe and create your PERFECT imaginary friend inside one of our handy outlines: 

1. Save this template to your computer.

2. Print it out.

3. Make up your friend.

4. Scan it back in or take a photograph.

5. Email it to with the subject ‘Imaginary Friend’.

6. DONE!

It really is as simple as that!

We look forward to seeing all your amazing imaginary friends and hopefully we’ll see some of you tomorrow at our event (there will be biscuits!)

Lots of love and keep creative!
Jess & Anna

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