1000 Journals

We all know that many people have a journal or a diary. A private, personal item, unseen by eyes other than the writer. This is obviously a prized possession and something that people often keep with them for years. However, what if there was a journal in which all eyes could participate?

(All Images – The 1000 Journals Project)

The 1000 Journals Project is a ‘collaborative experiment’ on a mission to create such a journal. 1000 Journals were injected into society in San Francisco, August 2000, to be passed along, shared and written. So those in possession of the journal would add their part to it, writing, illustration, whatever takes their fancy. Then the journal had to be passed along to a friend or stranger to continue the chain of journal entries. The creator began with 100 journals, giving them to friends, family, leaving them in cafes and so on. The project then came into demand as it was bombarded with emails of people wanting to take part. Journals were sent and the process expanded.

The idea was to create a connection between strangers through creativity in the creation of these 1000 journals. The creator was inspired by photographing the writing that comes about in toilets and public places and wanting to take this further by launching the project. As a result, the 1000 Journals Project has been able to connect people that essentially don’t even know that they are connected. In a way, this experiment has brought a new dimension to the idea of a diary.

If you want to know more, check out the website: The 1000 Journals Project or take a look at the book that has been produced as a result on amazon.

Anna xxx

(Co-editor 2011/12)

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