love and lost letter

Here a submission by Razz writer Nadine Sammy that fitted perfectly with the spring issue’s themes of love and lost, but unfortunately we couldn’t fit it into the magazine:

My darling,

Sorry I didn’t send you a letter last week but I was especially busy, I hope you know that I thought of you at every second. I have some terrible news, my Uncle Tristan passed away a few days ago; you met him that day I took you home to meet mama and papa. He liked you because you were studying Archaeology like he did at University. I don’t know if you remember talking to him about site excavations but I remember watching you from the doorway as you impressed him with your grandiose views and quick wit. I wanted to send you a telegram about it but I didn’t know where you were stationed as it’s been a while since I’ve heard from you.

Of course I understand that you must be moving about quite a lot over there in France but I do hope that you get some time to write me, I’ll enclose a separate piece of paper with my address as you know I’ve moved out of the family home now. I do see Mary quite a bit still as she often visits and we have a cup of tea and those lovely ginger biscuits she’s so good at baking. She really doesn’t like speaking about James over there in Africa and I know it’s just because she misses him though it is somewhat worrying that he has not written to me recently.

I hope they are feeding you well over there, I imagine it must be a lot of tinned food which can’t be all that exciting day in and day out. I do hope you finish your meals though as you are so skinny. I myself have been trying to cut back on how much I have at meals to make sure I will fit into mama’s wedding dress. In all honesty I am kept quite active at this retreat that Mary has asked me to help at, I go out for walks in the mornings with the guests and play the violin quite a bit in the afternoons. I do feel I have become somewhat invaluable here and will feel a little sad when I have to say goodbye but starting our life together will fill me with unimaginable joy.

I do think some of the people at this retreat are a bit insane if you will forgive me for being so blunt but there was a woman who tried to convince me that the war had been over for quite some time now. She got in quite a stress about it after I was explaining that we were surely winning in France and that you would be home soon. I do suspect it is because she has no sweetheart who will return to her or even worse that he has been killed in one of the terrible battles that has been raging.

Well my dear I must wrap up as I can hear them calling to the guests for dinner and I am sure they require some assistance from me. Please be careful over there and I hope that you carry the photograph I sent you a few weeks ago in the breast pocket of your uniform so that I am always close to your heart.


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