Monday Hearts for Madalene – beautiful art with a beautiful story.

For my birthday I was bought the above poster, it has now hung in my room since the beginning of term and has become somewhat of a talking point for our house. We’ve hovered around it frequently, attempting to pick our favourite heart (or set of hearts… we’re an indecisive bunch). But having settled on a favourite I wondered if there was actually more choice out there. Google (coupled with procrastination) soon taught me that my poster had a lot more meaning than just pretty pictures of hearts.

Monday Hearts for Madalene

This project (if it can be called that) began when two neighbours fell in love. Every Monday San Francisco artist Page Hodel decided to make a heart for Madalene Rodriguez – leaving it on her doorstep so ‘she would go out the door to work Monday morning and begin her week with a reminder of how much I loved her’. But after only 7 months together Madalene was diagnosed with stage four Ovarian cancer and died just 4 months later. Page has continued to make hearts for her every Monday since – these hearts began as a tribute to Madalene’s life but have gone on to mean much more than that.

Page started by emailing the pictures of the hearts to friends and family as a way of remembering her love and passing it on – this love spread as more and more emails were forwarded across the globe. Monday Hearts for Madalene now has it’s own book after being noticed by a literary agent in New York and what once began as a love story between two neighbours has gone on to spread love and beautiful art right across the world and to other cancer sufferers who receive proceeds from the book.

Who knew that single poster on my wall meant so much to so many people?
So to spread some love amongst the readers – here are some of my favourite hearts (out of the 281 so far!), I hope you pass them on.

To buy the wonderful book (with part of the proceeds going to Women’s Cancer Resource Center) just click here.

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