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Hey everyone! Sorry it has taken me a while to introduce myself, I know Jess has been already posting on the blog so it is about time I do too! I’m Anna and I’ll be co-editing with Jess next year, hoping to do Emma and Ellie proud and take Razz even further!

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So I know that essentially everyone suffers with writer’s block at least once in a while, be it an essay, creative writing or blogging. It’s infuriating and no doubt a strong symptom of procrastination! However, help is at hand! Write One Leaf is a blog on tumblr aiming to motivate their followers to write every day, minute, hour, whatever you can spare. By following Write One Leaf you instantly have a feed of suggestions of topics to focus your writing. For example, the most recent ‘Write one leaf about something that is not a cup of tea’ – inspiring stuff.

It is all about keeping you’re creative juices flowing and making sure that you write regularly because, as much as we hate it, the way to conquer writer’s block is practise. Write one leaf essentially offers a productive procrastination. Write as little or as much, as often or as infrequent as you like, the motto is just write! Not having tumblr isn’t even an excuse just bookmark it and you have access 24/7.

So if you’re having a bit of writer’s block with the new Razz theme, CULTURE & CREATION, maybe flicking through Write one leaf will give you some ideas!

Happy Writing!

Anna xxxx
(2011/12 Co-Editor)

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