illustrators’ profile: Dmitry Maximov and Carolyn Ann Geason

A new month and TWO shiny new illustrator profiles to share with you! This time it’s two illustrators who share a surreal style of art that combines different mediums to bring inanimate things to life.

First is an illustrator truly from the techno-generation: Dmitry Maximov is a Russian artist from Moscow who specialises in photo manipulation. His work is completely surreal and bizarre – my favourite is his series ‘Invaded by little Aliens’. He combines stunning photography with strange creatures who somehow manage to display emotion and feeling despite their odd little forms. It seems especially strange considering each ‘Little Alien’ is lacking in facial features, the usual expressive tools, but Maximov seems an expert in expressing feeling through posture and poise. I’d love to know how he constructs his work – it’s incredibly realistic (obviously adding to its effect) but his website is entirely in Russian! Any Russian speaking Razz fans will have to let us know more about him!

The second illustrator adopts the same concept to Maximov but rather than manipulating an image she manipulates reality. Carolyn Ann Geason is a photographer who has created a character she calls ‘Danboard’. She places this unlikely figure in varying situations and like Maximov manages to create feeling and sympathy in the viewer despite her subject typically being inanimate. Her photographs are beautiful and somehow moving.

Jess Thomas

Razz writer

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