shutter sisters

I don’t know why all my blogs seem to be on other blogs recently, but I keep stumbling across some good’uns that need to be shared with all you creative sorts! The most recent gem is a collaborative photography blog called shuttersisters; they welcome female photographers of all styles, from amateurs to professionals.

In their own, rather lovely, words:

We don’t need to be paid professionals to be recognized as talented photographers. A great image is a great image whether it happened by beautiful mistake or meticulous calculation. Whether we are using an inexpensive point and shoot camera or a pricey SLR, one common thread remains; when we take a picture, we are telling a story. We are translating our life experience into significant visual images, each photo distilling the fleeting moments of our lives. As women who love to take pictures, we are all united by our cameras and by the desire to capture remarkable images. A sisterhood like that is dare we say it, worth a thousand words.

The site is open to submissions, and has lots of different sections which make for some good browsing: the 365 project (a new photo everyday of the year), the daily click, one word project and a really lovely section called picture hope which comes hand in hand with an inspirational story.

If you’re a woman with photography you want to share, or just someone (of any gender!) who enjoys admiring a range of beautiful photography, then the blog is definitely worth a visit.



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