body talk

While you are waiting for Razz to start accepting submissions again…here’s a chance to get your work published in a inspirational collaborative book about body image!

Body Gossip utilises social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to promote their message, and also works in association with a number of leading charities, such as B-eat and The National Osteoporosis Society. Body Gossip is collecting stories for the first ever Body Gossip book and is looking for ordinary people who would be willing to donate their story.  It can be about anything related to how they feel about their body, young or old, satisfied or dissatisfied, sad or funny.  The book is being produced by Rickshaw on a charitable basis, so as such there is no fee; however if selected the story would be published and publicised in a high profile campaign.  Body Gossip has a large number of celebrity supporters and we hope to assist this organisation in taking their message to as wide an audience as possible.  You can find more information either on our website,, or the organisation’s website,

Body Gossip says – “Writing down your body story is a cathartic, personal experience that encourages a realistic sense of perspective. It is a first step towards self acceptance that is not intimidating as Body Gossip does not require you to discuss your thoughts, just share them. The sharing of your story, even anonymously, can provide a release and combat the sense of loneliness that consideration of our bodies usually brings. Writers can share to feel included, share because they feel that their experience could benefit others or just share for fun.

“Readers or listeners with similar experiences can gain considerable comfort from realising that they are not alone in their feelings, which helps to promote positivity and acceptance that it is normal to have imperfections, to spread the message that it’s OK to be comfortable with your body – even if there are features that you would like to change. Stories can give strength to people facing problems or simply be enjoyed as a good read.”

The deadline is the 31st of March… get writing!

Ellie x

Editor and Society President

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