behind the scenes: another successful shoot

With the next issue’s theme exploring LOVE and LOST, the Razz team decided to draw our inspiration from one of the most famous tragic love stories out there: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Focusing on the photography, setting and beautiful models this time, we took a trip to the Costume Department to find something a little more dated for our star-crossed lovers. We wanted to keep the shoot based in Exeter, and so led them to Bury Meadow Park, a peaceful place around the corner from The Imperial pub.

A virtually empty park provided us with a playful selection of climbing frames, swings and roundabouts to capture the youth and innocence behind the title characters of Shakespeare’s tragedy. In between jumping gleefully on the trampoline, dizzying ourselves on the children’s roundabout and giggling at passing the “No children above the age of 7 allowed in this play area” sign, we took some dramatic photographs of the lovers around the park and a nearby church. We brought them intimately close and explored the love and the loss in their story.

Look out for the final images in the Spring issue next month.

Rosie x

Razz Arts Co-ordinator

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