fuck you very much

We are creative.

The other day facebook informed me that a few of my friends have liked ‘fuckyouverymuch.dk’. Trusting of my friend’s tastes, eager to procrastinate and intrigued at the casual pun-based swearing, I followed the link.

fuck you very much is a photoblog, with the tagline: ‘fuck you is the new thank you’. As the name suggests, it’s a blog with a twist. What makes the blog really lovely, in my opinon, is the reason it exists in the first place. By their own definition, they’re ‘two friends trying to manage their relationship through this visual diary. This is their thoughts on everything.’ The blog seems to have been on a hiatus for a while, but they have recently returned to trawl the internet for daily photographic titbits.

The photos they choose are often funny, nostalgic and meaningful.  I must have scrolled through 20 pages on my first visit and could happily have looked through 20 more. My only criticism would be that, a couple of times, their message can come across a little self righteous “You’re too mainstream!” (obviously not a direct quotation), but arguably the blog is just championing the return to simpler pleasures, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The photos are accompanied by apt, often humorous, little taglines starting ‘we…’ I’ve picked a few of my favourites to give you a taster below, but you should definitely visit the blog and have a look for yourself; it will make you smile. And if it doesn’t make you smile it will make you think something meaningful.



We are superheroes

We do the wrong things.

We love family photos.

We love festivals.

We think freckles are sexy.


I was too spoilt for choice! Go at visit fuckyouverymuch.dk for yourself and have a flick through the rest of their photos. Just to warn you, if you’re currently in the midst of your dissertation, or work of any kind, you will be distracted!

Fuck you very much for reading,



Disclaimer: Razz does not own the photos above, or the captions from fuckyouverymuch.dk … we just like them 🙂

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