silja goetz: an illustrator’s profile

Name: Silja Goetz

Place of Origin: Germany

Studied: Communication Design

Age: 37

Current Work: Graphic Designer

Past Clients: Major magazines – New Yorker, Harpers Bazaar

Inspirations: Classic Art

When she draws, Goetz combines detailed, intricate and smooth line-work with an absence of colour or background that adds to the effect of her pieces. Normally, with a human figure as the focus point, her works are often surreal and abstract but simultaneously pleasing to the eye. She sometimes works with an almost mixed media feel, setting chunks of colour as a polar contrast to the complexity of the line-work, and patterns which stand at odds with sketching.

Great for:

Clean elegant lines

Bright colouring

Extravagant use of light and dark

See more at:

http://www.siljagoetz .com

Jess Weeks

Razz Writer

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