would you take your clothes off for money?

I was recently having a discussion with my boyfriend about an opportunity that came up – life modelling. A local artist is aiming to get 100 nude portraits completed, and is offering money to anybody willing to model for him. With the image consciousness around today, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to break out of my usual clothed boundaries and become an expression of art – completely naked – whilst making a bit of cash on the side.

Contrary to my enthusiasm, the boyfriend’s opinion leaned more towards what can only be described as shock and offence. He said that I would be objectifying myself, and refused to agree that I should indeed take my clothes off for another man in order to liberate myself and boost my confidence. Instead he accused me of wanting to sell my body, comparing me to a stripper or a porn star.

This got me thinking – is taking your clothes off  for an artist the equivalent of taking your clothes off for anyone else offering you money? You’re putting your body on display for someone to get some enjoyment out of; giving them a chance to take a picture of you away, whether it be in their head or on paper. The only difference is that instead of ending up on Page 3, you could be framed and up on a living room wall, or even in an art gallery.

Whether this is true or not, as was so begrudgingly put by my boyfriend, “it’s your body and you can do what you like with it”. As touchy as the subject may be, the fact remains: I will be a life model before I die. It is on my list.

Rosie x

Razz Arts Co-ordinator

One thought on “would you take your clothes off for money?

  1. It’s not “selling your body” and it’s supposed to be very liberating. Do it! We only live once. Good luck.

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