a million reasons to read a book

20,000 passionate book lovers will give away 1,000,000 books on the inaugural World Book Night This Saturday the 5th of March, the first World Book Night will take place. The night, a celebration of literature and reading, will see one million free books be given away by 20,000 readers. A group of industry professionals, publishers, book sellers and passionate readers, have selected 25 loved and cherished … Continue reading a million reasons to read a book

shutter sisters

I don’t know why all my blogs seem to be on other blogs recently, but I keep stumbling across some good’uns that need to be shared with all you creative sorts! The most recent gem is a collaborative photography blog called shuttersisters; they welcome female photographers of all styles, from amateurs to professionals. In their own, rather lovely, words: We don’t need to be paid … Continue reading shutter sisters

body talk

While you are waiting for Razz to start accepting submissions again…here’s a chance to get your work published in a inspirational collaborative book about body image! Body Gossip utilises social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to promote their message, and also works in association with a number of leading charities, such as B-eat and The National Osteoporosis Society. Body Gossip is collecting stories … Continue reading body talk

behind the scenes: another successful shoot

With the next issue’s theme exploring LOVE and LOST, the Razz team decided to draw our inspiration from one of the most famous tragic love stories out there: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Focusing on the photography, setting and beautiful models this time, we took a trip to the Costume Department to find something a little more dated for our star-crossed lovers. We wanted to keep the shoot … Continue reading behind the scenes: another successful shoot

fuck you very much

We are creative. The other day facebook informed me that a few of my friends have liked ‘fuckyouverymuch.dk’. Trusting of my friend’s tastes, eager to procrastinate and intrigued at the casual pun-based swearing, I followed the link. fuck you very much is a photoblog, with the tagline: ‘fuck you is the new thank you’. As the name suggests, it’s a blog with a twist. What … Continue reading fuck you very much

exeter literary society writing competition…

Fancy writing 500 words and winning up to £150? then read on … This year’s Literary Society Award topic has been announced and it is : ‘No Way Out’ All you have to do is write a 500 word piece on this topic to have the chance of winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize of £150, £100 or £50. Submissions can take any format – be it … Continue reading exeter literary society writing competition…

silja goetz: an illustrator’s profile

Name: Silja Goetz Place of Origin: Germany Studied: Communication Design Age: 37 Current Work: Graphic Designer Past Clients: Major magazines – New Yorker, Harpers Bazaar Inspirations: Classic Art When she draws, Goetz combines detailed, intricate and smooth line-work with an absence of colour or background that adds to the effect of her pieces. Normally, with a human figure as the focus point, her works are … Continue reading silja goetz: an illustrator’s profile

would you take your clothes off for money?

I was recently having a discussion with my boyfriend about an opportunity that came up – life modelling. A local artist is aiming to get 100 nude portraits completed, and is offering money to anybody willing to model for him. With the image consciousness around today, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to break out of my usual clothed boundaries and … Continue reading would you take your clothes off for money?