Quick thinking, award winning, and knicker-wettingly funny

Showstopper! the amazingly ingenious improvised musical is now gracing the radio waves…

The cast of Showstopper never perform the same musical twice. During each performance, this talented group of all singing, all dancing actors and comedians create a brand new musical on the spot. Led by both shout outs from the audience and by an innovatively interrupting director, the actors flawlessly piece together a performance of comic and musical genius.

The performance I recently saw took the audience on a tour of Dickensian London at Christmas time, through a medley of  audience-suggested burlesque, reggae, and cockney-knees up musical numbers. The cast managed to seamlessly incorporate an evil Santa Claus, some ingenius (and superhumanly strong) mice, two Jack the Rippers, and an ill fated love match. The collaboration of quick witted artists propels the musical on, never faltering in spite of the undeniable potential to! Moments of tension as the director and the audience interrupt the performance transform into glorious moments of inspired creation. A festive and mulled-wine fuelled atmosphere of course added to the evening’s enjoyability, but the Showstopper’s wit, skill, and wholehearted enthusiasm meant that I couldn’t stop grinning (or humming one of their catchy improvised showstopping numbers) for the rest of the evening.

Having performed with critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe and a number of theatres, I was thrilled to hear that Showstopper had secured a slot on Radio 4. When I saw it performed in the intimate Kings Head Pub/Theatre, the audience couldn’t help but fall in love with the cast and be drawn into the action. I was unsure as to whether the hilarity of the actors performance and expressions could be translated onto radio, however the award winning concept is equally as funny over the sound waves and had me giggling at my laptop for a whole thirty minutes.

Tune in on Wednesday at 630pm on BBC Radio 4 or listen later on BBC iPlayer (Their first show is still available) : http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00y2sk4

You can still see Showstopper live, and I would definitely recommend it. Handily, they are currently touring and are gracing our very own Exeter Northcott on the 3rd and 4th of February! If you can’t make it, they also do regular shows at the Ambassador Theatre in London.

To find out more, take a look at their website. To book tickets, head over to the Northcott website.  See you there!!

Keep creative,

Ellie x

Razz Editor and Society President 2010/11

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