not on the high street

After an obligatory Christmas visit to my uncle’s to say hello, give gifts to my small and very excited cousins Finn and Lenni, exchange festive stories and consume more food and alcohol, I was advised to seek out a website. This website is about all things original, hence it’s name: Not on the High My uncle’s handmade furniture from his business, Chipp Designs, actually features and is available to buy on here, and he recommended I take a look at it and try and get myself on it somehow (apparently it’s very tedious, but with a contact on the inside this may be easier than it seems…). So in a desperate attempt to procrastinate, there I was again on the internet and I decided to look this up. And I was pleasantly surprised and able to spend another hour or so not doing my essay.

Founded by two ladies named Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish in 2006, this site embraces the original and unique, ranging from furniture to clothing with everything in between. Everything is designed, made or selected by an independent small business, giving them the opportunity to shine in this haven of items you might only have found if you dove into the depths of markets or village fairs. It is a place full of inspirational ideas for personalised, quirky and beautiful gifts, but you might find it hard to give these stunning items away. You might also find it hard to tear yourself away from the hundreds of pages of pretty things.

Rosie x

Razz Arts Co-ordinator

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