performance art

Some of the theatre produced by the students of Exeter university is at an incredible standard. Picasso’s Women is one of these performances. Keep an eye out in the Spring issue for a review of this beautiful performance. If you can’t wait that long, take a trip to my blog here for a sneaky preview. REMINDER: Don’t forget about the illustration competition – deadline is … Continue reading performance art

post-festive shopping: it’s no plain SALEin’

If there’s one thing I hate more than sales, it has to be the Christmas sales. In the aftermath of the festive season, even the most respectable shops are reduced to looking like a Primark explosion. Keen shoppers must elbow their way through a jungle of rails and makeshift aisles, avoiding the bedraggled items scattered haphazardly across the floor, all in the hope of finding … Continue reading post-festive shopping: it’s no plain SALEin’

Quick thinking, award winning, and knicker-wettingly funny

Showstopper! the amazingly ingenious improvised musical is now gracing the radio waves… The cast of Showstopper never perform the same musical twice. During each performance, this talented group of all singing, all dancing actors and comedians create a brand new musical on the spot. Led by both shout outs from the audience and by an innovatively interrupting director, the actors flawlessly piece together a performance of comic and musical … Continue reading Quick thinking, award winning, and knicker-wettingly funny

is banksy a one-trick-pony?

I recently took a trip to the Herbert Gallery in Coventry to have a look at their Street Art exhibition, featuring contemporary prints from the V&A by some well-known-by-now artists like Banksy, Jamie Hewlett (the guy who made the Gorillaz) and Shepard Fairey. It was a surreal experience, wondering around the white-washed walls of a ‘no photography please’ gallery and museum to view art that … Continue reading is banksy a one-trick-pony?

not on the high street

After an obligatory Christmas visit to my uncle’s to say hello, give gifts to my small and very excited cousins Finn and Lenni, exchange festive stories and consume more food and alcohol, I was advised to seek out a website. This website is about all things original, hence it’s name: Not on the High My uncle’s handmade furniture from his business, Chipp Designs, actually features … Continue reading not on the high street

Things to do on a Long Train Journey

So as I was sat on the train heading back to Exeter, I got thinking (essay-reading procrastination) about how best to kill time on a train. It’s no daily commute, but as students, we all spend a lot of time on trains getting home for the holidays and visiting friends or long-distance lovers. Here’re a few ideas to wile away the hours. If you’re with … Continue reading Things to do on a Long Train Journey

first social of 2011

Razz My Berries Magazine is collaborating with LitSoc for our first social of 2011! We are having a PURPLE themed pub crawl on Wednesday 19th of January – starting at 8pm in the Ram. Come join us, have fun and see in the new term, Literary style! You can also come along to chat to the editors about submissions for Issue 6 or anything … Continue reading first social of 2011