take the handmade pledge

Picking up the Nov/Dec issue of Oh Comely magazine – which you should all immediately go out and buy from WHSmiths – for a second reading, I was reunited with their article on Handmade Co-operative; a collection of quirky individuals who own a shop in Brighton that embraces the art of handmade everything. I love this idea, but what makes me love them a little bit more is the fact that they are non-profit, meaning that rather than wanting to take, take, take their money made, these people exist to fill the world with clothes, prints, furniture, badges, toys, accessories… all for the benefit of their customers. And best of all, they invite artists, designers and makers to join them. They have small retail spaces that are rented by these Brighton based crafters, who can then display and sell their work in the shop.

Not even a year has gone by since April, when the shop opened and the blog appeared, and Handmade Co-operative already has 632 followers on Facebook and Twitter combined. Their collection at the moment includes stamp badges by Georgina Rose Shire, handmade hats and some very cute capelets. They have also taken the Handmade Pledge: to buy only handmade gifts for themselves and loved ones, along with 52823 other pledge-takers who believe that “creativity is too good a gift to let it go to waste”.

If you click on the picture above and follow the link, you will find my name amongst the thousands of others who have pledged to buy handmade. I believe that there is no better gift than one you have put your time, effort and love into.

Rosie x

Razz Arts Co-ordinator

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