hey, it’s ok

This is my favourite page/feature of Glamour magazine, and as I have an essay on the back burner, an Exeter based imitation (rip-off) is all I can muster.

Hey, it’s OK…

… If you don’t leave the library to ‘nip’ to Keystore for a sandwich. It’s in another time zone, and the half hour trek just isn’t worth it. It’s fine, this tic tac will keep my energy levels up for the next 1000 words.

… If, arriving late, you opt to sit on the stairs rather than cross the front of a full lecture theatre. No one needs to see a large, side profile silhouette of your guilty face across the powerpoint. And also…

…To judge people who turn up at 9am lectures looking attractive. What time did you have to get up for that? I’d rather have the extra half hour and slum it thanks.

… To eat nutella out of the jar. With your fingers. For breakfast.

…To get annoyed when anyone ‘Non-Exeter’ slags off Arena. Yes, it’s a dive. It smells quite bad. And now, we can’t even get in free on a Thursday. But no Exeter ID? No opinion.

…To spend £50 on a Sainsburies shop because someone has a car for the weekend… people need the tins.

… To resent the forum project builders. They have access to level -1 of the library… it was the best floor. And they also have paid jobs, which is more than we’ll be able to claim when we leave uni.

… To feel offended when someone you recognise purely from facebook doesn’t smile at you on campus. So rude.

… To feel like a staunch Devon local. You may be from East London (or Essex!) but seeing a pint of cider, pasty or cream tea brings a small tear of county pride to your eye.

…If you’ve skipped reading a few of these, and are just reading the last one to see if you missed anything good. Hey, it’s OK, I’ll never know.

Emma xx

Editor and Society President

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