take the handmade pledge

Picking up the Nov/Dec issue of Oh Comely magazine – which you should all immediately go out and buy from WHSmiths – for a second reading, I was reunited with their article on Handmade Co-operative; a collection of quirky individuals who own a shop in Brighton that embraces the art of handmade everything. I love this idea, but what makes me love them a little … Continue reading take the handmade pledge

upcoming razz events…

The fifth issue of Razz My Berries Magazine is almost finished! We are holding two Razz events before the end of term: – Proofing Session. We are holding a proofing session for issue 5 on Wednesday this week (1st Dec) in Queens Building LT6.2 from 5pm until 7 ish. You will be rewarded for your attendance with free snacks! If you are seriously interested in joining … Continue reading upcoming razz events…

a problem shared is a problem halved?

Having recently read about it in the news, I was drawn with unnatural curiosity to The Museum of Broken Relationships, a collection revealed to the public in Croatia just last month. The museum’s assortment of heartbreak memorabilia boasts a variety of sweet to out-and-out strange exhibits; you can view anything from fluffy handcuffs and wedding dresses, to prosthetic legs, sex toys, and revenge-bent axes. The founders … Continue reading a problem shared is a problem halved?

down the rabbit hole

Several members of the Razz committee, plus beautiful model Kate, spent the weekend getting lost in the wonderland that is Reed Hall Gardens shooting the next fashion spread for Flights and Fantasy, our next issue. We chose Alice in Wonderland as our starting point, and reinvented several looks for the spread. But I can’t give too much away – that would ruin the fun. If … Continue reading down the rabbit hole

razz in wonderland

Razz spent a wonderful weekend getting covered in mud, smashing china, and eating sesame snaps all in aid of our winter photoshoot… Our photographer Rosie, Emma, and Razz model Kate. Emma choosing dresses… a little bit of tree surgery… Rosie and Kate a very conveniently coloured bush Ellie, Emma, and many, many scarves getting dark… Teapots were accidentally harmed in the making of this photo shoot. We will be posting … Continue reading razz in wonderland

every Linda Manz monologue/narration in Days of Heaven

NOTE: this is a film by Terrence Malick, from 1976. The girl speaking is our narrator; she’s 16 years old and made a fair amount of it up on the spot whilst watching the footage back. Just wow. And for me, the penultimate speech here (“Nobody’s perfect…”) is one of the greatest you’ll ever read/hear. Me and my brother; it just used to be me … Continue reading every Linda Manz monologue/narration in Days of Heaven